Monday, June 29, 2009


Cary Grant (in one of my least favorite roles) is a factory worker who's framed for a fire that killed a person. He's innocent, but the jury is out for blood so he escapes and conveniently just happens to hide in the attic of a house Jean Arthur is preparing to rent to one of the greatest legal minds in America. I'm sure you can figure out the rest.

TTOTT is an alright film (mostly in part to Jean Arthur's delightful performance), but the combination of serious drama and romantic comedy falls flat on both fronts.  The beginning of the film leans more towards the comedy with some moments even stepping into screwball territory (Arthur trying to hide Grant in the house) and those bits are very enjoyable, but then the drama takes over and everything slows way down. That's too bad because this film has the makings of a great comedy...Stevens and Arthur would make up for it just a year later with the wonderful THE MORE THE MERRIER.

As far as THE TALK OF THE TOWN goes though, it's good for a rent but that's about it. Overall it's pretty forgettable.