Friday, December 11, 2009


I remember, when I was a kid, seeing the VHS for this at the Hastings my family used to rent from and it scared the shit out of me. I have no idea why, but that cover and the title THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN was just horrifying. I mean, shit, if this guy was so scary that the entire town was scared of him, then there ain't a damned thing that a little kid like me can do about it! Turns out my fears were for nothing, cause this movie can barely even be categorized horror. Personally, I would say it's more of a crime thriller.

One quite evening in the small Texas town of Texarkana, a dude with a sack over his head attacks two teenagers at a local make-out spot: he beats the shit out of both.  He also leaves bite marks on the female. The local cops are dumbfounded, so they call in the Texas Rangers. The attacks continue and it turns out the Rangers are about as useless as the local police. Eventually the guy kills five folks then disappears. Yawn.

In the right hands that story could be made into something suspenseful and engaging, but sadly it appears that everybody involved with this turkey had no clue as how to make a good movie. The weirdest thing was how it kept changing the tone of the movie from scene to scene. In one scene it's trying to be serious and then 15 seconds later there's some "Dukes of Hazzard" hijinks going on.  There's even a cop car flying in slow motion into a pond! I'm not making that up.

Lame acting and even lamer script. Also some of the night scenes were so dark I could barely even tell what was going on.  Skip it.

[Update 09/26/2016: Just watched the 2014 "meta-sequel" (that shares the same title) and it's so "Meh." that I'm not even going to waste my time writing an entire review.  The story is set "one year ago" and has some dude who looks just like the dork in the original movie going around semi-copycatting the kills from the original film.  Lame kills, zero gore, zero suspense, horrible lighting, slow pace, stupid ending, zero scares.  The whole thing was a waste of time.  I wished I had never watched it.]