Tuesday, January 12, 2010


RAZORBACK is an odd film. Not because there's a pissed off pig the size of a van killing people (that's just strange), but because it's really not that great of a movie and yet I couldn't take my eyes off it. The reason being is the cinematography by Dean (THE ROAD WARRIOR, DANCES WITH WOLVES, APOCALYPTO) Semler is excellent. I've seen dozens of killer mutant animal movies before and most of them are pretty boring when the creature's not on screen, but not RAZORBACK. Each scene was a delight and strange as it might sound this movie could probably be shown in film school...not that I have any idea what film school is like.

Anyway, down in beautiful Australia you got this huge razorback going around squealing and gnawing on people. A reporter from America comes down on assignment to do a report on kangaroo hunting and end up gets killed by the giant pig. Her husband is fed some bullshit story about how she fell down a mineshaft so he comes down and he wants some straight answers goddamn it!!!

None of that really matters cuz all you want to see is the giant pig in action. Unfortunately we never get any great shots of him running around kicking ass, it's all pretty much shoulder and face shots, but it works. No gore, no tits, but the camerawork is amazing. Worth a watch.