Sunday, February 14, 2010


This movie was disappointing. I watch a lot of zombie movies and read a lot of zombie novels (go buy "The Rising" by Brian Keene right now) and for some stupid reason I actually thought, based on the trailer and word-of-mouth, that this movie was going to have some badass, high budget zombie action in it. Instead ZOMBIELAND is a poorly written story about a dweeb, a hot chick, the hot chick's little sister and Woody Harrelson on a road trip across America after the zombie apocalypse.

My biggest problem with the movie are the lame jokes. I have no problem with a comedy set in the zombie world, THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD is one of my favorite movies of all time, but at least be funny! My second biggest problem is the lack of zombies. For a world taken over by zombies there's not many of them around. At the very beginning there's a little zombie action, but it's silly and played off more as a lame joke. It's like the zombies are just a nuisance instead of an actual threat. Then for a long period in the middle there's only probably 6 zombies for like 45 minutes. Another problem here is how smug and slick this movie thought it was what with the high speed camera action shots and the annoying "Rules" popping up all over the joint non-stop. They thought they were being clever, but after the 5th time it started getting annoying.

I give the movie a little credit for at least trying, but it's still a failure. Like they were trying to cash in on the current zombie fad without actually being zombie fans...kinda like Christian music is always a watered-down, soulless rip-off of popular music. If you want my advise just skip this dead duck and rent INFESTATION instead. I actually liked that movie: the geek was geekier (but endearing), the story was storyier, the action was actionier and the hot chick was hotter. Plus there was a spider-dog!