Friday, May 7, 2010

DAISY (2006)

I had high hopes for this movie. It's written by Jae-young Kwak and stars Ji-hyun Jun. Mmmmmmmmmmm. She's as wonderful and beautiful as always, but the story is silly as shit. So silly, in fact, that by the end I was just giggling nonstop through all the sad scenes.

OK, so in a gorgeous town in the Netherlands you have Ji-hyun Jun who works at her grandfather's antique store and on the weekends she paints portraits in the town square. She has a secret admirer who leaves her daisies and does good deeds for her. Unfortunately, he's too fucking chickenshit to ever fucking come forward, even though she is clearly single and loves the attention, but "Nooooo!" this fucking fag has to cower away in the shadows all scared and trembling just at the thought of talking to her. "Why? Why is this dude such a dickless pussy?!" you ask? Cause he's a fucking assassin! Hahahahahahahaha!!! Oh my sides hurt. He's scared to let such a perfect angel into his violent world. Oh, brother.

So, after Satan only knows how long, along comes this handsome cop and starts talking to the girl (why? Cause he fucking has a pair that's why!!!). The girl mistakenly thinks that he's the secret admirer. Naturally that doesn't sit well with the assassin. Goddamn, this is fucking silly. And it just gets worse and worse as the movie goes along. I was so fucking confused I couldn't even figure out who she was suppose to be in love with!

But even with the goofy story I still for whatever reason enjoyed the movie. It was definitely good for a laugh and Ji-hyun Jun was fucking testicle-achingly beautiful. Plus she even had a few lines in English! That was very exciting!

If you're into Korean melodramas then DAISY is an enjoyable film, but I'm sure most people would just find it too silly to take seriously. I definitely don't regret watching it though.

If you do get it, make sure to watch the "making of" special feature. There's one funny scene where they're filming Ji-hyun Jun run across a field and she can't hear them yelling "CUT!!!" so she just keeps running. It was funny.
Multiple crew members visible in reflection on tombstone.

Oh shit, it's the time traveler from MY SASSY GIRL!!!