Monday, June 7, 2010

TEEN WOLF (1985)

Twenty-three year old teenager Scott Howard is fed up with living in a small town where nothing ever happens. Well one day something happens: he turns into a werewolf during the middle of a high school basketball game! Strange thing is, outside of a couple of gasps, nobody freaks out and they continue playing!  Soon after, he's transform from nerd to top dog on campus and even main hot chick on campus wants him [insert doggystyle joke here] much to the jealousy of her jock boyfriend.

TEEN WOLF is a fun 80's high school flick that teeters on being great, but it never quite gets there.  There's tons of great moments, but yet the whole thing seems to be missing that certain magic to catapult it into true cult status.  I think a lot of that (and I have no proof of this) is it was released only a month after BACK TO THE FUTURE.  The studio must have rushed it.  Also if you look at director Rod Daniel's resume he hasn't done anything worth a damn since TEEN WOLF...BEETHOVEN'S 2ND, HOME ALONE 4, HOW TO MARRY A BILLIONAIRE: A CHRISTMAS TALE.  Yuck.

Werewolf playing basketball, 80's high school party, montage, bowling, van surfing, crew visible, camera dolly tracks visible, random person with their pants undone, secondary cast that could have been better, weak soundtrack that could have definitely been better, glowing eyeballs, the same house from BTTF, 80's fashions.  Worth a watch or two.