Saturday, July 10, 2010


One year before director/writer David A. Prior cured terminal butt cancer with DEADLY PREY he created maybe the first slasher movie set in a gym. I could be completely wrong, but I think I'm right. Anyway, so the members at Rhonda's Workout are dropping like flies, but that can't stop the aerobic workout class! You have a stabbing in a shower (with no visible wounds!), a skull stabbing in a car, face gouging in a back alley, a dumbbell to the skull, all the standard slasher stuff but done very low budget. The biggest surprise of the movie was when the dude who played DAAAAAAANNNNNTTTTTOOOOOOONNNNNNN!!!! in DEADLY PREY shows up as a new gym employee! I nearly jumped out my fucking seat! DAAAAAAANNNNNTTTTTOOOOOOONNNNNNN!!!! Fuck yea!!!

Sadly though the killer has no personality or style. So the highlight of the movie ended up being the 80's fashion and the stiff acting. If you're into slashers then you need to check it out, but everybody else will probably only find it good for the laughs. And it does deliver there! It also delivers on badass 80's music!!!

Boom mic shadow moving on bottom right.