Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Standard PG-rated early 80's teen(?) comedy. A bunch of college students divide up into five groups and compete in something called "The Great All-Nighter". Basically they are all given a clue, once they figure it out they go to the location where the find the next clue. So on and so on until they get to the finish line where they are awarded a trophy.

It's slightly entertaining and a lot of wacky shit happens, but it's all so fucking tame that it's almost a kids movie! I don't think there was even one cuss word in the entire movie. I don't need cussing and nudity to make a good movie, but in a situation like this (shitty script and even shittier dialogue) a little crudeness would have helped a lot. That said the highlight of the movie to me was the Game Master's female helpers (Candy and Sunshine) and the female on the yellow team. I don't know who she was, but she was very pretty. My non-lesbian and my male homosexual readers though are out of luck when it comes to eye candy, unless you count a cute young Michael J. Fox, but he's not really in the movie very much.

The interesting game makes the movie watchable. I managed to get through it easy enough, but with only one laugh (the tray flipping scene in the opening credits). I never plan on watch it again ever. That said, it's still better than SCAVENGER HUNT.
Nice van, but the one in ROCK N ROLL HIGH SCHOOL was better.

Holy shit, it's Terry from FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2!!!