Monday, December 6, 2010

KNOWING (2009)

MIT astrophysics professor Nicholas Cage (hahahahahahahaha!!!), discovers, via a numerical message found in his son's elementary school time capsule, that the Earth is fuuuuucked. So now, it's up to him to run around like an asshole screaming about the end of the world and save everybody's life. Well, I might have gotten a little ahead of myself. First, the filmmakers have to explain to the stupid audience that Cage is a godless sinner by having him drinking nonstop and trash talking religion while praising Science then have him convert when he sees the end is near. That's right, KNOWING is actually a heavy-handed Jesus movie...I think, it might be a heavy-handed New Age hippie movie also...maybe. Honestly, I have no clue what's going on except that it's really funny and silly.

Silly story, zero tits, lots of CGI destruction, annoying kids you want to drop kick in the face, Cage freaking out and throwing shit, mysterious humanoids, CGI moose on fire.  With the right sense of humor, KNOWING is a lot of fun to laugh at.