Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I'm glad I saw 5 CENTIMETERS PER SECOND before I saw this film. Otherwise I might have just skipped over 5 CENTIMETERS all together. TPPIOED is a beautifully animated film, but it's fucking sloooow. 5 CENTIMETERS was light years better.

In an alternate post-WWII universe Japan is divided into two sections. There's this huge fucking tower climbing all the way into the clouds and coming out of that tower is another universe, but Earth is safe because the invading universe is held back by the dreams of a young girl who's been asleep for 3 years. Confused yet? So was I and I'm not a hundred percent sure I even got that right.

There's also two teenage boys who are making their own airplane to go and see the tower up close. They discover the story about the sleeping girl so...ohhhh I'm so confused! The animation is gorgeous, but the script is a mess. After 5 CENTIMETERS I was really excited about this movie, but it bored me to tears. I'll never watch it ever again.