Tuesday, February 15, 2011


After watching this excellent documentary and all of the extras I feel like I've only brushed the surface of the surface of the White family story. There needs to be a reality show about these people!

Back in 1989 young director Julien Nitzberg filmed a interview he did with Jesco White, a hard-living, tap dancing, drugged out hillbilly. The footage eventually led to a PBS documentary called "Dancing Outlaw" which I've never even heard of, but it was a cult hit and a few years ago fan Johnny Knoxville contacted Nitzberg and from that meeting they decided to go back and visit Jesco and his family to see what was going on...apparently a whole fucking lot has been going on and it's all fucking movie watching gold! TWAWWOWV could have easily been 15 hours long and I would have watched it all and still begged for more.

Where to even begin? The White family might be highly entertaining, but they are also completely fucked. They all seem to be on welfare, so with their excessive amounts of free time and complete lack of ambition they do nothing but get high, drink, fight, rob people, drink more and screw. The entire family is a train wreck with zero redeeming qualities, but that's what makes them so much fun to watch...as long as I don't live near 'em.

For this movie the filmmakers followed them around for a year and the Whites don't hold back on anything. They're doing drugs left and right, cussing, gettin' drunk, talking about different crimes they're committed, littering and involved with nonstop drama...everything from a baby getting taken away by the state to one young White getting sentenced to 50 years in prison for shooting a family member three times...in the neck!!! There's also some tap dancing.

I thought this movie was highly entertaining, very well made (especially the editing and how it introduced the family members early on) and much more memorable than a lot of documentaries I've seen recently...I'm looking at you EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP. In the hours since I finished watching the movie I've spent some time online looking for more information about the family and what's going on currently, but I can't really find anything. =( I guess my only hope for a White family fix is if they ever make a sequel.

Make sure to watch the Extras on the DVD. There's one great scene where the husband of one of the White women is outside talking about the beauty of nature and fuck the coal companies for fucking up the land then just a few seconds later he's tossing beer bottles and trash off in the grass...then he and his buddy moon the camera so deep you can see the one dudes complete ball sack. LOL.