Thursday, April 14, 2011


I'm always excited to see new metal documentaries both from a historical viewpoint and hoping that maybe I will discovers a few new bands. But neither one of those things happened here.  UNTIL THE LIGHT TAKES US is strictly entry level. If you know absolutely nothing about black metal or metal in general this movie is an alright starting point, but even then there's really not enough information.  I think there's something like 9 people interviewed total. You have the nerd from Dorkthrone, I mean, Darkthrone (I actually love Darkthrone); Varg (who's already been interviewed ten million times) from Burzum, two ultranerds from Immortal and my favorite: the geek from Satyricon who tries to beat up a sofa and fails.  What a toughie.

There's no real structure, so it's simply a bunch of interviews talking about the same old shit: the church burnings back in the early 1990's, Dead killing himself and Count Grishnackh stabbing Euronymous to death. Ninety-nine percent of the people who would be interested in a black metal documentary already know all of this stuff.

New black metal fans might find the movie insightful, but I would have much rather it delved deeper into the genre and brought something new to the table.  If you need me I'll be in my room listening to "Live in Leipzig".
Frost tries to stab a couch (I don't know why) and the knife is so dull it doesn't even puncture it! LOL.