Thursday, May 26, 2011


This movie was a trip.

ENEMY AT THE DEAD END opens with a dude, Min-ho, in a hospital room. He's had a stroke, so his memory is all shot and he's partially paralyzed. He's been given shock treatment and he spends all his time trying to kill himself. Then one day they bring a new patient into the room and Min-ho freaks out because the new guy, Sang-up, wants to murder Min-ho! Lucky for him though Sang-up has amnesia and doesn't remember that he wants to kill Min-ho. Also he's completely paralyzed. So Min-ho decides he better kill Sang-up before he gets his memory back!

Slowly things start to unravel and the two guy's spend all of their time trying to kill each other! It's almost like a "Tom & Jerry" cartoon...if both Tom and Jerry could barely move. To make matters much, much worse they're put on some experimental medicine that causes them to hallucinate. So add all that to the fact that neither one of them sleep (out of fear), it's complete insanity! For the most part I really enjoyed this movie and laughed a lot at these two paralyzed guy's crazy plots to kill each other, but then the story writes itself into a corner and the explanation fails miserably. I would have rather it just left me hanging than insulted me with such a rubbish ending.

Crap ending aside it's a fun, original movie that's definitely worth watching. No nudity (by the hot female nurse), but there's tons of hilarious violence and the performances by the two leads were both excellent. Check it out.