Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Angus McCootybritches is the world's most highly skilled dream theft. But he can't just get into your dreams using hocus pocus.  No, first he has to, in the real world, get a hold of your body then put you under and infiltrate your brain. One day a super rich dude employs him to implant an idea into somebody's noodle. People say it can't be done, but Leo knows it can, because he once implanted an idea into somebody's mind and, well, it worked a little too well. Fast-forward some and Leo has assembled his top-notch crew of dream warriors to sneak in and go multiple layers down into the target's noggin.

I liked the movie alright, but I kept expecting more. And I was very disappointed in how boring the dreams were. I dream about all kinda of wacky shit: rats with mechanical legs chasing me down the cereal aisle at HEB; a mentally retarded samurai taking a shit on a child birthday cake; a demon-possessed pot hole that chases cars down and kills people; Leatherface chasing me around my kitchen with his chainsaw; having super-awesome sex with the purple-haired girl in SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD; Jesus getting beaten to death in the restroom of a Waffle House by a boxing kangaroo; Stanley Kubrick being alive a directing this movie; people filming a big budget zombie movie getting attacked by real zombies, but never just sitting around in the bar of a hotel talking.

Mildly entertaining and Ellen Page is nice to look at, so that made the 148 running time easy on the eyes.