Saturday, August 18, 2012


Astronomers discover a comet headed straight for Earth. They tell the proper authorities, but they refuse to listen. Why won't they listen?!!!!! Astronomer Richard Crenna insists that the comet (named Jenny) is going to hit Phoenix and that everybody needs to be evacuated immediately because there's only 8 days until the impact. Of course it wouldn't be much of a movie if that happened so instead AFITS branches off into a number of different story strings covering people from all walks of life living their lives totally unaware that in a weeks time they're going to get blasted to smithereens. You got the young couple in love (one of which is young as fook Michael Biehn...I love that guy!) and her snobby parents don't approve; Merlin Olsen leading some kids on a hike out in the desert; the concerned mother of one of the kids (since they didn't take a radio with them); the astronomers; various townfolk and then a investigative reporter versus the politicians, but to throw a monkey wrench into the situation her husband is in cahoots with the politicians and he's cheating on her!!! Talk about having a bad week!

Tightly constructed script, fairly impressive special effects for a 70's TV movie, interesting characters, above average acting, 70's clothes, plenty of drama. I enjoyed the hell out of this movie and the two and a half hour runtime flew by! Some people might be turned off by the lack of action, but for me the story was interesting enough and I kinda liked seeing a film that focused more on the human than the destruction and did it right.

If you can find it I say check it out. I'll definitely be watching my copy again.  Also Lloyd Nolan is credited on IMDb as being in the film as "Doctor", but I can't find him for the life of me and I don't see his name on the opening or closing credits.