Friday, August 31, 2012


Sacha Baron Cohen is the lifelong dictator of the fictional country of Wadiya. After the opening montage showing Cohen being a childish, spoiled butthole (living a life of luxury while his people starve, playing a FPS video game where he kills Jews, holding his own Olympics where he always wins, etc.) Cohen is forced to go to America to talk to the U.N. about his nuclear program. While in his hotel room he's kidnapped by an assassin hired by his own right hand man and replaced by an imposter. Stuff happens and Cohen is soon working at a grocery store run by a hippy. Blah, blah, blah...he learns some life lessons and falls in love with a Jewish woman. Yawn.

When Cohen was on Howard promoting his film he was very funny, but I couldn't see exactly where this film was going and now that I've watching it I still can't see what the point of it was. The jokes were only slightly funny, the love stuff was silly, the character of the dictator guy was a unlikeable asshole, the crude humor wasn't crude enough or funny enough, the political aspects of it was done better in DUCK SOUP, BANANAS and THE GREAT DICTATOR and the spoiled African leader down and out in NYC aspect was much better in COMING TO AMERICA.

I didn't dislike the film, but it's not worth wasting your time with. I'll never watch it again as long as I live. Skip it. If you need me I'll be in my room listening to Sexual Chocolate.