Sunday, May 12, 2013


After an cavalry troop is ambushed by Apaches the highest ranking soldier is sergeant Joel McCrea.  He takes charge but the other soldiers quickly begin to question his ability to command since it's widely known that he has an extreme hatred for Indians ever since his wife and children were murdered by Indians.  Their only hope is to hopefully connect with a larger cavalry column or make it back to the fort, but either way they desperately need water and the only watering hole around is controlled by the same Apaches that wiped out most of their troop.

I really enjoyed FORT MASSACRE and especially liked seeing McCrea in a darker role.  He wasn't evil or anything, but tortured inside and filled with hate.  Supporting cast of familiar faces (including the under appreciated John Russell one year before he squared off against John Wayne in RIO BRAVO), quick pace, strong story by Martin M. Goldsmith who also penned the film noir classic DETOUR, the phrase "milked the donkey", exciting action sequences, good acting.  FORT MASSACRE is an above average western that I look forward to watching again.