Friday, June 14, 2013

LE CHOC (1982)

I don't know what it is about hit men, but it seems that all of them want to quit their job.  Usually after one last one big score. 

Professional assassin Alain Delon does his one last job, but when he tells this criminal bosses that he's through they tell him no, he knows too much.  He kills the assassin sent to kill him then escapes out to the countryside where he meets the beautiful Catherine Deneuve on a turkey farm.  (I'm gonna go start hanging out at turkey farms!)  Naturally, even though she's married she falls for the studly Delon.  More people show up to kill him and now he goes on the run with Deneuve.

With any other actress I probably wouldn't have even given this film a chance, but I'm a sucker for Deneuve and because of her alone I liked this movie.  The story is highly unbelievable, but with two great leads it's still a fun ride with a nice romantic twist on the old retiring assassin story.  Recommended although it could have definitely been spiced up with some bigger action scenes.
 The condition of these horses piss me off.