Saturday, July 27, 2013


I don't know if the proper name is I ESCAPED FROM THE GESTAPO or NO ESCAPE since I can find it listed as both, but chances are it's doesn't have a lot of fans no matter what the name.  Set in America (which is kinda disappointing cause with a name like I ESCAPED FROM THE GESTAPO I was kinda expecting it to be held in Nazi Germany or an occupied country), a renowned forger (Dean Jagger) is crashed out of prison by the Nazis and forced against his will to make counterfeit notes for them.  Their hideout is a beach side amusement park.  Here they use different ways to spy on visiting GI's...stealing letters home, listening to personalize phonograph recordings home, etc.

The story is interesting, but for whatever reason the Nazis are a bunch of non-threatening stupid idiots.  They allow Jagger to freely wander around the park, sneak out secret messages, mack on some chick that works at the park and play all kinds of mind games on his dim-witted guard.  He gets roughed up a little, but never once did I feel like he was in any real danger.

Interesting watch, but it's so low-budget and the story so trite that I have zero desire to watch it again. Although I did enjoy seeing Blackmer and Carradine working together.