Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Set in 2031, SNOWPIERCER tells about how way back in 2014 countries all over the world purposely released some climate engineering shit into the atmosphere in hopes of counteracting the rising worked.  It worked so well in fact that it created another ice age and nearly killed all life on Earth.  D'oh!  Nobody knows how many people survived in underground bunkers and the such, SNOWPIERCER just tells story of a large group of survivors on a massive train that drives around all over the planet nonstop.  Now the logistics of a train driving fast as shit, nonstop for 17 years busting through mountains of snow and walls of ice is completely ridiculous but whatever.  The entire movie is filmed in a kinda vague, surrealistic way so I don't think reality was what the filmmakers were going for.  I think SNOWPIERCER is more about style.

As such, it succeeds.  The story is about the inhabitants on the back of the train (the "slum" area) getting sick and tired of their living conditions, so they revolt and start making their way to the front of the train.  All kinds of hip imagery and fight scenes follow.  If you don't put too much stock into the story and just enjoy the ride SNOWPIERCER is a enjoyable ride.  The fight scenes could have been more brutal, but I definitely got a SALO, OR THE 120 DAYS OF SODOM vibe a few times (the woman in the yellow jacket scene and the look on Tilda Swinton's face during the night vision scene) so that was a good thing.

Quick pace, good acting (I especially liked Alison Pill as the tripped out school teacher...eyes all rolling back in her head with psychotic fervor), plot holes galore, severe under use of Kang-ho Song, exciting action scenes that look good but lack any real violence, unsatisfying ending.  For what it is, it's a fun film.  I would really like to see a ultra-gritty video game version.  Worth a watch.