Tuesday, September 8, 2015

THE X-FILES (1998)

I never watched "The X-Files" when it originally ran on network TV.  It was only recently that I started watching it on Netflix and I really like it.  The chemistry between Agents Scully and Mulder, the crazy stories, quick pace, quirky humor, solid acting.  It's a great show.  That said, I've noticed (I'm currently about to start Season 6) that all of the episodes can be divided between the "Monster of the Week" episodes and the continuing "mythology" episodes.  To me, the "Monster of the Week" episodes are far superior to the slow-moving "mythology" ones, especially the comedic ones!  Unfortunately, this first X Files movie simply comes off as an extended "mythology" episode with a larger budget.

To me, it seems that the benefit of making a movie over a normal network TV episode is you can push the limits and have more things in your bag of tricks in order to surprise and thrill the audience.  Unfortunately, instead of pushing the envelope this film doesn't have any cussing or nudity or excessive violence or expand on Mulder's porn addiction...instead it's honestly just a boring "mythology" episode with a longer runtime.

I still liked it and don't regret watching it, but I was really hoping for much more.  I would have been  happier though if the film have been like one of the funnier "Monster of the Week" episodes like "Bad Blood", "Small Potatoes" or "War of the Coprophages".  I'm also getting sick and tired of Scully and Mulder not knocking boots.

Update 1/18/16: Just watched the second X-Files film THE X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE (2008) and it was terrible.  The entire film was dull, dreary and pointless. Even worse, the depictions of Mulder and Scully were so different than from the earlier seasons, when we fell in love with them, that it's almost insulting to the viewer.  I wish I had never watched it.