Monday, February 1, 2016

UZUMAKI (2000)

I recently read Junji Ito's manga "Uzumaki" and it was so brilliant, creepy and addictive that I finished the entire thing in two days.  So with some genuine excitement I sat down to watch this live action adaptation was shockingly lame.  The main actress (Eriko Hatsune) is perfect and the atmosphere is sufficiently creepy but the story suuuuuucked.  Not only did they leave out like 90% of the story but they added in a bunch of useless filler.

Some of the residents of the small Japanese town of Kurozu-cho have developed a unhealthy obsession with spirals.  At first they simply enjoy looking at snail shells or other things that have spiral shapes but before long they are mutating their bodies into spiral shapes and turning into snails themselves.  In the manga, things get really demented, but in this film adaptation things just move along at a snails pace until the weak ending.

My advise: read the awesome manga by Junji Ito and only then watch this movie.  Also check out "Gyo".  I'm currently reading that and it's crazy as fuck!

I would love to see another live action remake of "Uzumaki" but hopefully this time it's more faithful to the source material.