Monday, June 13, 2016


As far as THE EXORCIST ripoffs go THE ANTICHRIST isn't too bad.  A young woman named Ippolita (Carla Gravina) was paralyzed from the waist down in a car accident when she was 12.  The strange thing is the doctors cannot find anything wrong with her.  Her father (Mel Ferrer) is extremely wealthy and will do anything to cure her, so when her uncle (Arthur Kennedy) suggests a psychologist, who specializes in cases like hers, Mel immediately brings him in.  The doctor, using hypnosis, soon discovers that the paralysis is caused by both sexual frustration and a past life experience by a relative (who had the exact same name) who was burned alive for witchcraft!  Wow!!!  Somehow during all of this Ippolita is possessed by the same demon that possessed her ancestor.

Anyway, the whole story is just an excuse to get to the demon stuff's entertaining.  Of course, THE ANTICHRIST had a lower budget than THE EXORCIST and the story is nowhere nearly as gripping, but the acting (by the impressive cast) is above average and the story does move along at a nice pace.  The demon-possession scenes themselves featured green projectile vomit, one head-spinning murder, demon-powered levitation, visions of a Satanic ritual (complete with off-screen goat butthole licking!), fire, rain, a fake-as-hell-looking snake, very mild nudity, blood licking, vomit licking, invisible demon sex, mouth foam, tons of blasphemous profanities and floating furniture.

Worth a viewing for fans of such things, but mainstream audiences would probably dislike it.