Monday, September 7, 2020


Rushon and his girlfriend, Nikki, set her best friend, Lysterine, and his best friend, Bunz, up on a blind / double date. Problem is she’s all fancy and likes to eat lobster tail and shit, while he’s just a busta ass hood rat with “tarantula hair”. Being good sports, they go along on the double date with only a minor amount of screaming and name-calling, but that all changes with some aptly timed toe licking. Now they’re off to the Fuck Olympics! Yeah, boi!!! That is, until Nikki’s dog gnaws on Rushon’s one and only condom. The Fuck Olympics are called off and now Bunz and Rushon (and their sad boners) have to go walking around Chinatown in the middle of the night looking for some jimmy hats.

BOOTY CALL is a good movie. It’s dated as fook, but in an endearing way. The humor (especially the physical stuff) is still golden. I was dying when that dog started licking Bunz’ butthole and he said he was “cramping up”. Goddamn, that entire scene was classic.

Quick pace, lots of great quotes, memorable characters, zero nudity, impressive supporting cast, a couple of un-PC jokes that are better left in the past. BOOTY CALL is definitely rough around the edges, but in the right state of mind, it can be an entertaining time-waster. Recommended for sure. I’d love to see a Part 2!