Tuesday, December 22, 2009


The first hour is a little slow: government lab, army dudes, scientists, werewolf with skin and fur made out of metal. But during the last 30 minutes it really takes off! The Metalbeast wakes up and it's all business. Everybody he sees he punches up in the air and/or rips their faces all to shit. He's mad as Hell and it ain't taking it any more.

The look of the Metalbeast is really cool. He's tall, flexed as fuck, has big snarling teeth and red eyes. He looked badass, I just wish there had been more Metalbeast action. I'm usually hesitant of remakes but I think there's a lot of opportunity here. Throw in some excessive gore, nudity, more action and less build up, a bigger showdown fight at the end and maybe some high pressure face-melting green acid urine and it would fucking rock!