Wednesday, August 31, 2011


As far as Arnold movies go, this one is pretty boring. In the opening few minutes, his wife and kid are exploded all to fuck by a terrorist bombing.  After the government proves it can't bring the terrorists to justice, Arnold goes to Columbia to kick in some bootieholes. Unfortunately, this isn't a sequel to COMMANDO and Arnold doesn't kick in much bootiehole at all.  In fact, he spends most of the movie grunting, overacting, falling down and making stupid decisions.  The story is constantly moving forward, but it's so weak and lifeless, that I honestly didn't care what happened to anybody.

Unoriginal story, boring action, a lot of people too stupid to live, zero nudity, only one really good Arnold moment (his grunt while going down the elevator shaft), government agents barking shits like "I want that in 10 minutes!", an absolutely horrible looking waterfall scene, John Leguizamo rapping while wearing a post-Cliff Burton Metallica shirt.

Worth watching (I guess) just to check it out for yourself. As for me, I'll probably watch COMMANDO another 50 times before I re-visit this snoozer.

THIRST (2009)

A priest selflessly allows himself to be a research guinea pig to help find a cure to a dangerous disease that is killing off missionaries. During the treatment he starts vomiting up blood and receives a blood transfusion. He dies, but suddenly comes back to life and appears to be completely cured. After being released from the hospital, he realizes that he's showing traits of a vampire! Being a priest and a vampire at the same time is a conflict of interests, especially when he starts having a hot love affair with a beautiful young woman. Now he's torn between his faith, "the blood thirsty beast" living within him and the lust for this woman.

Despite the bland title, THIRST is a highly entertaining film that borders on being great. It's probably the best vampire movie since the original FRIGHT NIGHT. The story is fresh and inventive, the acting is excellent and the photography is especially stunning. The less said the better just watch it.

Highly recommended.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


"You have been found guilty of releasing a single that is by no means as kicking as your previous records."

I guess there's a movie in here somewhere...or maybe not. The film starts with the Spice Girls playing themselves and preparing for their first ever live concert. A newspaper owner with sand in his pussy is tired of the Spice Girls being on the cover of the paper everyday, so he sends an undercover paparazzi to dig up some dirt and break up the band.  (Seems like that would create even more publicity, but what do I know?)  While this is going on, a documentary film crew follows the Girls around and one of their friends is pregnant. Also, for some reason, Meatloaf is their bus driver.

They drive all over the place having bizarre adventures (falling off a boat; going to dance boot camp; riding on top of the bus; signing autographs for aliens and peeing in the woods) and having strange fantasies (being in the game "Clue"; appearing in court for releasing a bad song; having a bunch of babies). The big climax is whether they're gonna make it to the concert in time or not.

The story, if you can even call it that, is crap. It's just a bunch of scenes slapped together, but even worse is none of the musical numbers are good or even complete. Out of the 10 or songs they sing, only two or three were even entire songs. Hell, I don't know. I'm not a Spice Girls fan, but it seemed the songs were all very short. I was hoping that this film would become a guilty pleasure like COOL AS ICE, but instead it was just lame. Skip it.

For those of you keeping record: I actually did enjoy this film more than ILSA, THE WICKED WARDEN.
I've been wondering for 10 years where Dwarves got that sample from. Now it's even funnier that it came from this movie.