Sunday, September 5, 2010


Click on that poster and really look at it! It's fucking awesome!!! What was it with the badass horror posters back in the 80's? HOUSE, HELLRAISER, CHOPPING MALL, EVIL DEAD, THE HOWLING, etc. Nowadays most of the posters look like some kind of cheap Photoshop bullshit.

Teenager Charley has a few problems: he's failing trig, he has an annoying dork for a best friend, his girlfriend's unattractive and won't even give up the pussy (bonus points for anybody who saw that was a play on the old Woody Allen joke from ANNIE HALL). But worst of all is a vampire just moved in next door!!! Yikes! What's a boy to do? At first he tries the police, but they don't believe him so then contacts a local TV horror host, played wonderfully by the great Roddy McDowall. Naturally Roddy doesn't believe, but Jerry pesters him so much he goes to see the vampire and is terrified to realize that he really is a vampire!

If you love fun 80's horror then you must watch FRIGHT NIGHT. It's all here: the fashions, the music, the innocence, the goofy dialogue and no cell phones. And Chris Sarandon is one of the best vampires ever!!!  My only complaint they should have found a better looking actress to play the girlfriend. Jennifer Jason Leigh was looking good back in 1985! So was Phoebe Cates!

[Update]: I saw this last night in a theater special screening and it was even better than I remember it! I was fascinated by Roddy McDowall facial expressions. He really poured a lot in his performance and he's fantastic! Also I noticed something I've never noticed before: in every shot of the Dandrige house early on in the movie the camera is looking straight at it, but then after Vincent's encounter with Evil Ed when Vincent decides that he is going to have to man up and enter the house and fight Dandrige to the death he looks at the house and it's shot from a very low, almost John Alton -ish angle. I would love to know if that was intentional, but I was too scared to ask Tom Holland who was in attendance last night. =(

Part 2

Normal shot of house.

John Alton inspired shot?

Badass biker dude from FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 3.

Holy fuck! I have the exact same leather trench coat! Well, maybe not exactly, mine's neon orange.