Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The only thing Ilsa likes better than banging is torturing people. Luckily for her, as the Commandant of a Nazi prison camp she can do both nonstop! During the day she tortures the female prisoners with all kinds of horrible experiments (typhoid-infested maggots into open wounds, high pressure chamber, boiling, raping with a electrified dildo, mutilation and much more) in an effort to prove that women can take as much pain as men and should therefore be allowed to be soldiers. Then to help unwind after a long day of torturing she brings a male prisoner to her quarters for some fuckmaking and you better fuck like your life depends on it cause it fucking does! If you don't knock the lining out of that shit and satisfy her completely she'll chop your goddamn dick off!!! Ohhh...I'm feeling queasy.

Obviously ILSA isn't everybody's cup of tea, but in it's own Reich, excuse me, right it's a very good film. The same cannot be said for 99% of Nazisploitation films. The thing that make this first ILSA movie so special is Dyanne Thornes's performance. She's hypnotic! I've seen her in a few other films (including the three other ILSA movies) and she's pretty good, but for whatever reason in this film she nails it! If the filmmakers had put anybody else in the role of Ilsa this film would be long forgotten by now.

That said, check it out! The picture on the DVD is good and there's even an audio commentary by Dyanne Thorne, director Don Edmunds and producer David Friedman.

Also during some of the outside talking scenes turn the volume up really loud and you can hear the sounds of a nearby highway. LOL.

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