Thursday, November 11, 2010


A band of outlaws break out of prison and while on the run they attack a secluded homestead outside of a small country town, now it's up to the family and two bounty hunters to repel the invader's attack. That sounds like the description of a hundred different Westerns, but it's actually the story to CRITTERS a low-budget 80's sci-fi, horror, comedy that I saw on cable as a kid and instantly fell in love with...I even have a cardboard stand up of a Krite in my kitchen.

One of the things that I like so much about the movie is the strong character build up of the family before the attack. They all seem very genuine and like people you would want to know in real life. So then when the attack happens you actually give a fuck what happens to them, which is something I can't say for 97% of the victims in other horror movies I've seen. Not that CRITTERS is real horror movie, it's more of a family friendly horror movie.

I've heard people say that CRITTERS was the "New Line's answer to GREMLINS" (including the guy who introduced this movie at recent theater showing I attended), but I just don't think that's completely true. Maybe the promotional people said that, but I don't think that was the intention of the filmmakers. Of course, I don't know any of the people involved with this movie, but to me outside of both movies being about malevolent creatures the size of a small dog there's little similarity. There isn't a nice Krite, they fly a spaceship, they say "Fuck!", there's bounty hunters from outer space, they grow the more they eat (at least in the first movie) and they're not out on Blu-Ray. That said, I think it would be neat to see a serious, ultraviolent, hard-R rated movie about CRITTERS movie.

If you haven't seen CRITTERS then you should. There's no nudity or gore, but it's a really fun movie with plenty of action, some genuinely funny moments and really unique villains. The Krites are great. That one split second scene with the single Krite running across the upstairs hallway cracks me up every time. His little, bitty feet are so funny. Check it out!

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Awesome explosion and very funny scene. I recently saw CRITTERS in the theater and the drunk dude next to me scream/laughed so loud it hurt my ear.

Broken dish pieces on the counter before she sweeps them up.

Oh shit! A MUTANT poster! Sadly it's not for that MUTANT, but the Roger Corman one.

Cameraman reflection visible in window of cop car.

My favorite scene: