Thursday, November 17, 2011


[Update 09/25/2018: I really need to update this entire series.]

City slickers driving through the deep woods due to a traffic jam on the main highway have their vehicles knocked out of commission because of some barb wire on the road. Now on foot, the group go off in search of a phone or a ride. Instead they find a family of freaky fiends who fancy to feast on their French fried fritter flanks and maybe even furiously fuck their funholes. Your standard kill, chase, hide, fight story happens next.

For a TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE(original)/THE HILLS HAVE EYES(remake)-lite WRONG TURN isn't too bad. There never any real violence or actual tension, but the pace is nice, the acting is good, zero gore, zero nudity, the filmmakers managed to resist including the "Cotton Eye Joe" song, the red-haired chick is hot and the mutants are actually kinda scary even though we never really get a good look at them. Nothing special, but you could definitely do worse. Worth a rent at least.

Part 2 - Wrong Turn 2: Dead End
Part 3 - Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead
Part 4 - Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings
Part 5 - Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines
Part 6 - Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort

A sample from this scene was used in this Splatterhouse song.

Sweet Satan it's that hot chick form the DAWN OF THE DEAD remake and CRY_WOLF.