Friday, September 10, 2010

JAWS (1975)

The citizens of sleepy Amity Island don't think too much of it when a young visitor disappears after a beach party. These kind of things occasionally happen when you live so close to the ocean, drownings, boating accidents, etc., but things change when the body is found. The mutilated corpse shows clear signs of a shark attack. Police Chief Brody, in his first year on the job, is startled by the corpse and sets out to close the beaches before anybody else gets killed. The mayor gets wind of his intentions and stops him because "Amity is a summer town" that depends of the tourist's money. Bad call. Soon after a boy, a man and cute dog are killed by the rouge shark in clear view of everybody. Things happen and soon Chief Brody, a marine biologist and a local shark hunter set out to kill the shark. That is where the story really takes off.

I'm sure everybody reading this review has seen JAWS many times, but in case you haven't then I strongly recommend that you do so as soon as possible. It's a very well-written, expertly paced film filled with adventure and legendary characters brought alive by wonderful performances. I'm kinda surprised that Robert Shaw or Roy Scheider weren't even nominated for any Academy Awards, but then again the the Academy has never been known for being intelligent.

A great story about a fan hunting for the fourth "Bruce"

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Ingmar Bergman and "Bruce".

"Coroner" misspelled twice.

Crab flying from offscreen.
Boom mic reflection in window.

Nice of Jaws to give Quint a cushion to lay on.

Land visible.

Daylight visible through gills, plus land in background.