Tuesday, July 25, 2023


Ahhhh, LEPRECHAUN 2. The number 2 in the title could lead the viewer to believe that LEPRECHAUN 2 is a sequel to the original film, but is it really? In the original, the leprechaun was 600 years old while in this film, he’s celebrating his 2,000th birthday. He was also dumped in a well at the end of Part 1, but in this movie, he is as free and happy as a demented jaybird. And horny. Sequel, reboot or stand-alone film…nobody cares. We just wanna see the leprechaun scamper around acting like an asshole. And scamper around he does. Much more than in the original film. Warwick really commits himself to role. It was awesome. In Part 1 he was stalking some nerds at a farmhouse while looking for his gold, but in this film, he’s balls out running around Los Angeles looking for his gold and a wife! And who would have guessed it, but the leprechaun actually has good taste! The woman he picks to be his desired bride turns out to be one of the better horror movie heroines of the 1990’s.

The story isn’t really important, but like I said earlier, Lep is now in Los Angeles looking for a wife. While in the act of kidnapping his bride-to-be he accidentally loses a coin, so now he has to put the nuptials on hold while he locates the lost gold. It’s all just an excuse to have him running round killing people. Unfortunately, the overall body count is pretty low.

Medium pace, goofy kill scenes (example: a guy thinks he’s putting his face between some tits when he’s really putting his face into a running lawnmower blade), no real blood or gore, one minor topless scene, cheap-looking sets that were kind of charming, random Los Angeles street scenes, JUDGEMENT NIGHT, CLIFFHANGER and SISTER ACT 2 playing in the theater, a brief Clint Howard sighting, GERONIMO advertisement on the side of a bus, okay acting, Disintegration and the Ramones on a jukebox in a bar, zero ninjas, no cheerleaders, low body count, Lep driving a go-cart with “I want me gold” spray painted on the side, extremely abrupt ending.

Closing statement: LEPRECHAUN 2 is a totally stand-alone movie and worth watching for fans of the series and/or fans of silly 1990’s horror movies.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2023


Two annoying fucks, a brother and a sister, are driving down a road that apparently gets very little traffic. As these two dipshits prattle on about dumb bullshit, an old truck rides up on their ass and starts acting a fool. It’s almost like the opening scene for NATIONAL LAMPOON'S CHRISTMAS VACATION.  Except less exciting.  Eventually, the truck passes and the unfortunate viewer is left alone again with these two assholes. It’s torture. Soon after, they spot the truck parked near an abandoned church. The driver is out of the vehicle and appears to be cosplaying as Eddie from the Stranger in a Strange Land album cover while dumping what we hope is a sack full of JEEPERS CREEPERS blu rays down into a hole, but we all know that it’s really a dead body. Being geniuses, our two heroes decide to go in for a better look. They eventually discover that the owner of the beater whip is a creepy critter called the Creeper. He’s ancient and his body is constructed from various parts of multiple victim’s bodies, kinda like how the Creeper character itself is cobbled together from other fictional personalities.

That might come across as mean and sound like I’m talking shit. That’s because I am. I had the extreme misfortune of seeing JEEPERS CREEPERS opening weekend back in 2001 and I wanted to fucking slit my throat.  I was rolling my handsome eyes like a madman and in shock, hell I'm still in shock, that somebody could get paid actual money (money that can then be used to purchase things!) to write something so bland and soulless.

Slow pace, many scenes set in the dark, shit ending, repellent casting (I think the only character that couldn’t have been cast better was the Creeper himself...Jonathan Breck actually did a fine job), zero nudity (unless you count the bullshit looking dead bodies), very little blood, main characters so stupid that I don’t know how they ever even made it to adulthood, bland clothing, a lot of boring colours, zero scares, needless psychic character spouting off dumb shit, overly complicated backstory on the Creeper.

Overall, JEEPERS CREEPERS itself is a shitty movie. Easily a 2/10, but I have found myself revisiting it occasionally over the years simply because it’s so much fun to talk shit about.  It's awesome.  As the series goes on, the Creeper gets a little more interesting in later films, but he's never been portrayed to even 10% of his full potential.  A talented writer could easily make the Creeper into a total badass.  Maybe one day that will happen.  I'd even be happy with a hardcore, super violent and scary Jeepers Creepers novel.

In my notes I scribbled down "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee vs. Jeepers Creepers" and " Jeepers Creepers vs. Dumb and Dumber", but I never found a place to shoehorn in those jokes. Sorry.

[I actually watched all of Jeepers Creepers films in a row when I revisited the original film for this review.  No clue if I'll ever get inspired to review the rest of the series, but as for now, the order from "best" to worst is… 3, 1, 4, 2.]

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