Tuesday, November 16, 2010


SEDUCED AND ABANDONED is Pietro Germi's follow-up to DIVORCE - ITALIAN STYLE. It looks a lot like DIS and has some of the same actors, but it's not a sequel. And even though it does have some very funny parts it's not a comedy, more of a dark satire about family honor and the Italian society's gender based double standard when it comes to sex.

A fifteen year-old girl played by Stefania Sandrelli (remember her from DIS?) is forcefully seduced by her older sister's fiancee. Now she's pregnant and when her father finds out...holy shit. He freaks the fuck and beats the shit out of her and locks her in her room. He confronts the scoundrel who knocked her up and demands that he marries Stefania, but he says no because she's no longer a virgin!!! After this an even bigger feud erupts and before long the entire town is involved. It's chaos. Wonderful chaos.

If you liked DIVORCE - ITALIAN STYLE then you must watch this movie. It's a lot like it. My only complaint is the ending. It's too abrupt and doesn't give the viewer any closure. Everything it going along great bam, bam, bam then The End. That's just a small complaint though. Don't let it stop you from watching it.