Sunday, August 30, 2015


A poor country girl heads to New Orleans.  Lost and penniless in the big city she takes up a job as a stripper, but then when she drinks some tea given to her by a voodoo woman she falls asleep and wakes up/dreams that she's actually a prostitute living in 19th century New Orleans.

In the right hands that lame story idea could be turned into something entertaining, but unfortunately, instead of simply making it a light sex comedy the filmmakers for some reason decided to make FRENCH QUARTER a mostly serious film about a dim-witted chick involved with sex slave trafficking.  The next poor decision they made was filming the entire "back in time" section (the majority of the movie) with what looks to be Vaseline smeared on the edges of the camera lens.  I'm assuming this is to give it some kind of dreamy feel and that would've been alright for a few seconds but 75 minutes is just ridiculous.

The acting was alright (I have absolutely no idea how Virginia Mayo got involved with this film), but like I said...this should have been a comedy instead of a serious film.  I'm sure there are people out there who like this movie, but I found the whole thing to be very slow and ultimately pointless.  Skip it. 

There was some lackluster nudity if anybody cares.