Monday, July 24, 2017


In what looks to be Los Angeles (I'm basing this solely on what I've seen in movies), a young woman becomes addicted to crack cocaine.  She runs away from home and starts banging some sleazy dude for crack.  Soon she begins having unexplained side effects to smoking crack.  The most serious side effect being her face turns green and she murders anybody around her!  The story isn't explained that well, but some cops get involved in the case and the rest of the movie is them doing stuff and the young woman stabbing people.

For a feature-length movie that probably only cost a few thousand dollars to make, DEVIL SNOW isn't too bad.  The lighting is atrocious and the acting isn't going to win any awards, but the story is kind of funny.  I ended up watching it twice simply because it was so interesting.  I'd love to know the stories behind the film: how it originated, how the story idea was conceived, who in the hell paid for it, did it make any money, who are these actors, did they have permits to shoot, why was the lighting so horrible, was that real fire coming out of the pistol or animated, what the hell was up with that horrible green face make-up, how come nobody ever got naked, why wasn't the violence more insane, did the girl have memories of the murders, was there an actual script for all of the scenes...cause some of that shit just sounded like people rambling?  I could go on and on.

DEVIL SNOW is most definitely not for everybody, but I'm glad I came across it.