Monday, October 20, 2014


This is an interesting little film.  Released in 1972 it predates what we now know as the Golden Age of Slasher films by six years, but yet it still has a lot of the elements that we associate with the modern slasher film: freaky-looking killer with a twisted past (even named Michael), gloomy settings, sexual active young people as victims, drug use, a Final Girl, bloody murders, fog, victims trapped in a remote location with no forms of communication, fake ending, excessively violent kill scenes, decapitation, female nudity, dismemberment, investigators trying to solve the mystery, etc...but was it any good?!

Yes and no, the story is simple: young people looking for a place to party and fuck are killed in a gruesome manner, the Final Girl escapes and the investigators trying to solve the mystery soon become the next round of victims.  The film starts off quickly with some nudity, murder and psychedelic imagery, but somewhere near the last act things just kinda bog down.  The killer isn't nearly as clever and sinister as he should have been, the flashbacks are too jumbled up and the body count is too low.

Historically THE TOWER OF EVIL is worth watching, it is an good film, but I think most of the younger horror audiences will be disappointed.  Especially with the lackluster ending. Would make an interesting double-feature with ANTHROPOPHAGUS.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


The best thing about ROTLD2 is that badass poster art.  Other than that this film is a dud.  The barrels full of 2-4-5 Trioxin are back and so are Thom Mathews and James Karen, but that's it.  The story about a little kid finding a missing barrel in a sewage drain and then accidentally causing another outbreak is lame, the zombies themselves look like crap, the script is beyond weak and worst of's a comedy!!  An unfunny comedy at that.  The zombies are constantly doing stupid shit (falling in a grave, stepping on another zombies hand, dancing, talking about Harry Truman) and none of it is even remotely funny.  By the time the ending mercifully shows up you're ready to roundhouse this disc right into the trashcan.

Stupid comedy bits, Thom Mathews and James Karen wasted with unfunny lines, zero nudity, zero gore.  It's not even worth watching.  Skip it. 

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