Sunday, March 20, 2011

HIGH LANE (2009)

Five dicknecks go mountain climbing and end up climbing into an ass whoopin'. The End.

HIGH LANE starts out promising enough with the Alpha dickneck telling the other dicknecks how it's gonna be, then they drive along and sing and smile and smoke weed. Finally they get to the mountain, climb around some. Then shit starts hitting the fan and the story bogs down into the familiar chased-by-a-crazed-hillbilly scenario that every horror fan has seen 14 thousand times before, except this one has even less violence then normal. For the most part it's pretty goshdarn tame. Also the killer has to be the least threatening killer since the fanny pack-wearing dork in VISITING HOURS.

Outside of the one actress's breathtaking cleavage I cannot think of a single reason to watch this movie. I didn't dislike it, but there is simply nothing in this movie that hasn't already been done better elsewhere. I watch it on Netflix Instant Streaming with some friends and that was fun, we made fun of a lot of shit, but if I had actually spent money and bought this stinker I would've been really sad.

The scenery is pretty. If you need me I'll be in my room watching WRONG TURN 4 again.
Despite the fact that they still have to drive to the mountain they already have their gear on.

Her cleavage was legendary.