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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Wow. After the steep decline between Part 2 and Part 3 I wasn't expecting much out of Part 4, but holy sweaty Jesus testicles this movie was kinda awesome! It's starts off in 1974 with some inbred, hillbilly maniacs breaking out of their cell at an insane asylum and causing a riot...including some brutal dismemberment and shock therapy torture.

Fast forward to 2003 and a group of young people are out for a fun afternoon of snowmobiling when they take a wrong turn and get lost. Fearing the very real possibility of freezing to death, the group takes shelter in the old abandoned asylum, but of course it's not completely abandoned. The three cannibal freaks don't take kindly to all of the exploring, partying and weed smoking going on in their home, so they crash the party and start killing and mutilating the fuck out of everybody.

WRONG TURN 4 is not only better than the original, but it's very much like the 80's slasher movies that I love so much. Compared to the majority of terrible slasher movies that have come out in the last decade (LAID TO REST I'm talking about you asshole!!!) WT4 is a breath of fresh air.  Not only was the script sprinkled with some light-hearted touches, but every single female in the movie was attractive!!! I have no idea who did the casting on this movie, but they're a fucking genius! I was especially smitten with Jennifer Pudavick who had a strong screen presence, is absolutely beautiful and did some impressive screams. She really should be the Final Girl in more horror movies.

Even though I liked the movie, it's still not a perfect. The music was fucking painful, the few quick nude scenes were so brief that they might as not even existed, the three cannibals should have had stronger characters, some of the scenes were too darkly lit and while I did like the special effects I just wish there had been even more gore and blood. Still, for a low budget sequel, WRONG TURN 4 was way better than I expected it to be.

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