Tuesday, January 10, 2012

NO MERCY (2010)

Grrrrr...I'm so upset with myself. I've literally had this DVD sitting here on my desk for like four months now and I've been meaning to watch it but instead I kept getting distracted with garbage like LEATHERHEADS or HELLRAISER: REVELATIONS, so last night I finally sat down to watch it and it was fucking awesome! That means that all of that horrible pain inflicted on my by the new HELLRAISER could have been avoid if I had only listened to that little voice in my head and watched NO MERCY instead. I'm such a fucking idiot. =(

Happyotter favorite Kyung-gu Sol plays a medical examiner who is asked to join in the murder investigation of a dismembered female found on the shore of a local river. Kyung-gu Sol (like the viewer) thinks this is just your routine murder investigation, but the murder is just the first piece to a very interesting puzzle. To say anything more would be unfair to any potential viewers out there. Trust me, NO MERCY is a very well made and enjoyable thriller. Kinda reminds me of like a mixture of OLDBOY and SEVEN. I don't know if that's totally correct, but once you see it you'll understand what I'm talking about.

Highly recommended.

A few NSFW screenshots.