Monday, May 23, 2016


What's a better way to wash away the trauma of the IT'S ALIVE series than watching a great classic Hollywood like IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT?

A spoiled heiress (Claudette Colbert) is angry at her dad (Walter Connolly) because he doesn't approve of her new gold-digging husband.  She runs away and heads out on the road to be with the man she loves. On the bus from Miami to NYC she catches the eye of a down-and-out newspaper man (Clark Gable) who doesn't know who she is, but finds her amusing. He flirts with her and she refuses, but once he sees how out of place she is he takes it upon himself to watch out for her...whether she wants his help or not.

IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT is a fantastic movie (although my choice for the Best Picture of 1934 is still Howard Hawks' TWENTIETH CENTURY).  Quick pace, enjoyable story, some truly funny moments (Alan Hale's singing, the hitchhiking scene, etc.), great direction by Frank Capra, photography by the legendary Joseph Walker and an awesome supporting cast including Walter Connolly, Ward Bond, Roscoe Karns, Charles C. Wilson, Arthur Hoyt and Alan Hale.  The whole thing is even more impressive when you learn it was made in just four weeks!  And let's not forget that IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT was Friz Freleng's inspiration for Bugs Bunny!!

Required viewing for all fans of classic Hollywood.
IMDb claims that this is a Frank Capra cameo, but I really don't think so.