Friday, September 24, 2010


Lame story about a Granny Good who runs a school for good girls (and by "girls" I mean 30 year-old women) out in the country.  The girls don't seem to do much studying or going to classes, instead they mostly just walk around topless.  The End.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, there's a side story about a werewolf that runs a moonshine still in the basement, but honestly, as exciting as that sounds the entire film (all 62 minutes of it) is painfully stupid.

Granny Good herself is a dude in old lady drag doing a horrible Jonathan Winters impersonation, the girls themselves aren't going to win any beauty contests, the acting (what little there is of it) can't really even be considered acting and the pace was torture.  Not the worst thing I've ever seen (actually the B-Side of this disc, KISS ME QUICK, was way worse), but outside of curiosity and wall-to-wall nudity I can't think of any reasons to watch this bizarre clunker.