Thursday, February 6, 2014


Aging, forever alone bodybuilder Dennis is having a hard time finding love in his native Denmark so after seeing the success of his uncle, who went to Thailand to find a mate, Dennis decides to do the same.  Despite his hulking size (6'4", 300+lbs.) he has a quite soul that's held firmly under the thumb of his mother, whom he still lives with.  So after telling her a fake story, he heads off to Thailand, but even there love is unpredictable.

Yeah, the story is kind of gimmicky (big dude falls in love with small woman) but the thoughtful pace and the impressive performances by unknown actors make this film very easy to like.  Kim Kold has a commanding presence onscreen thanks to his size, but there was also something (maybe it's just because he's a bodybuilder playing a bodybuilder) in the way he conveyed Dennis' emotions that felt very real.

Not a life changing film, but a nice watch.  I also enjoyed seeing the interesting scenery of places that I will never go.