Tuesday, May 17, 2016


With a crushing sense of dread I crammed the disc for IT LIVES AGAIN in the trusty ol' Oppo and...yep, it was just as boring as I had feared.  The posters promised "now there are three of them" and while technically that's true, it doesn't make this second It's Alive movie any better than the original clunker.

Instead of opening with a woman going into labor, getting stuck in a traffic jam in downtown NYC and the three babies popping out like murderous acrobats and going on a non-stop, blood soaked rampage in the Big Apple, IT LIVES AGAIN opens with a baby shower and a lot of talking.  Thirty-one minutes worth of talking to be exact before the first baby finally even shows up!  He kills one person and is then taken to a secret laboratory where a small group of morons are keeping three babies in the misguided belief that they are the next step in evolution!  One champion even tries to hold a baby...which immediately rips his throat out (or so I'm guessing since once again all of the violence is implied or off screen).  The three babies escape and two of them are immediately killed by the police, so now we're right back down to one baby again.  Lame.  The lone killer baby then goes looking for his parents.  Weak.

I wasn't expecting much from IT LIVES AGAIN and that's exactly what I got: not much.  Ugly photography, bad lighting, crappy special effects, godawful police work, slow story, weak acting, terrible script.  Honestly, there's very little redeeming qualities about this snoozer.  I wish I had never watched it.   

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