Monday, May 2, 2011


Simple everyday man Russell Crowe has his world rocked when his wife (Elizabeth Banks) is suddenly arrested and thrown in jail for murder. He cries and whimpers some, but when the last legal effort has been denied Russell puts on his biggest, baddest big girl panties and decides he's going to break her out himself!

That's an interesting idea for a movie and for the most part it works, I was entertained for the most part, but I wish it had just been darker! There was a short moment (when he was getting money for his plan) that was dark and it was easily the best part of the movie. Another thing that bothered me is there were multiple rock montages. What is this a ROCKY movie? Also the escape was way too easy. There wasn't any traffic on the roads. I'll run into more fucking difficulty returning this DVD to the fucking video store than he did escaping the city with the coppers hot on his tail.

Those things aside I enjoyed the movie. It wasn't anything special and a month from now I will have forgotten most of it, but it was a good time-waster. Worth a rent, but not a buy.
Protip: when fleeing the country using fake passports DO NOT put your real names on the airplane tickets.