Thursday, July 11, 2013


This delightful little film takes place on July 4th, 1906 in a quiet neighborhood in Connecticut.  Young Eric Linden is head over heels in love with his neighbor Cecilia Parker, but when he sends her some racy poems to her, her father forbids her to see him.  He's heartbroken.  At the same time his drunken uncle (Wallace Beery) comes home for the holidays and brings all kinds of comedic antics home with him.  He's also been courtin' Aline MacMahon for 18 years now and she hasn't budged an inch.  Brother Mickey Rooney blasts off a ton of fireworks in the front yard.  Father Lionel Barrymore and mother Spring Byington try to keep everything under control.

I really liked this film.  The story was fun and the acting lively, but I think the thing that I liked the absolute most was seeing Lionel Barrymore and Wallace Beery together.  As you remember, just three years earlier they were at each others throats in GRAND HOTEL but her they are laughing and having a great time together if.  I really enjoyed that.

Quick pace, good feelings, an absolutely stunning supporting cast, I can't really think of anything not to like about AH, WILDERNESS! besides the one scene of a dog with firecrackers tied to his tail.  That was upsetting.
Animal cruelty.  =(