Tuesday, July 17, 2018


A bunch of 30 year-old looking college students go to Palm Springs, California for the Easter Weekend to get crunk.  And by "crunk" I mean swimming, going to the record store (don't forget your copy of "Behind The Button-Down Mind Of Bob Newhart" that can be seen five times in the opening shot of the record store!), playing with a Bugs Bunny doll, playing a banjo, filling a swimming pool with bubbles, singing "The Yellow Rose of Texas", fist-fighting, trashing somebody's house, attempted murder and sexual assault.  PALM SPRINGS WEEKEND starts out innocent enough, but once it gets going, it's kind of dark.  Robert Conrad's character was especially fucked up.  He was a complete psychopath.  I wouldn't be surprised if he went on to become a politician.

I could talk in detail about the story for PSW, but it really doesn't matter.  If you're a fan of stuff like WHERE THE BOYS ARE or BEACH PARTY then you should check it out.  (If you're not a fan of BEACH PARTY, then I just feel sorry for you.)  PALM SPRINGS WEEKEND wasn't nearly as enjoyable as the awesome BEACH PARTY, but it was still fun.  I had a blast listening to all of the dated lingo and silly comedy bits that were so dead that they were kinda funny.  The vintage cars, clothes and hairstyles were also fun to check out.

I do wish that it had better songs and more memorable characters.  I love re-visiting the Beach movies, but I doubt I'll be going on a Palm Springs Weekend anytime soon again.