Thursday, July 7, 2011


Never in a thousand years would I say this was a good film, but at the same time it's an interesting 70's horror curiosity. It opens with a kid (the Son of Satan?) walking out of a lake, he then walks to a nearby dirt road where a bus picks him up and takes him to church. Once there, the kid visits with the fire and brimstone preacher and tells him that everything is gonna be alright. We then seen six different people in their normal lives getting ready for a class reunion. They each represent a sin: one's a gay dude, another a lesbian, one's greedy, another is prideful, one's a rich snob and the last is a gluttonous ex-jock. Finally they get to the reunion and quickly discover that they're locked in and cell phones won't be invented for at least another decade! Even worse, the preacher (wearing more costumes than Fletch) is lurking around killing everybody.

This is where the film finally picks up and it's not too bad for a cheap, early slasher. Problem is while the middle section is entertaining the beginning and ending are boring. I understand the filmmakers are trying to make a point about religion or something, but I don't watch slasher movies to get lectured at I just want entertaining kills, scares, wall-to-wall gore and hopefully a few hot naked chicks. Some metal would be an awesome added bonus!

If you're interested in the history of slasher movies then it's worth a watch, everybody else just skip it and watch FRIDAY THE 13TH PART III again instead. Zero nudity, overly moralistic story, a non-threatening killer, too long (even at 84 minutes!), zero scares and boring kills: 3 by gun, one fire, two stabbings and one very mean-spirited drowning (easily the highlight of the movie).

Exactly what year was this film made? "Legacy of Blood" says 1976, the VHS below says 1977 and IMDb says 1978.