Saturday, February 9, 2013


Hell yeah!!!  FRIDAY THE 13TH PART III is awesome.  Taking up immediately where Part 2 stops (when Paul and Ginny leave Jason's shack, not the dream sequence afterwards), we see Jason get up and wander off.  He shows up at a shitty roadside store, kills two people then steals some clothes.  Apparently, Jason got in a few sets of shrugs while he was out in the woods cause his traps are fucking massive!!!  Ol' boy must have been out there curling tree stumps and eatin' some high protein beaver meat cause he's huge!  Looks like he gained 50 pounds from the day before.  Anyway, after getting his flex on, he wanders over to a nearby barn to take a power nap.

His regenerative sleep is cut short when some no good bikers start stomping around the joint.  Clearly, Jason wakes up on the wrong side of the bed and being a grumpy goose before he can get his first cup of coffee, he goes crazy and starts killing the fook out of everybody.  It's awesome.  But the most awesome part (and the part that made me shit my Ewok Underoos when I was a kid) was when somebody actually manages to hang Jason on a rope and he pulls himself off the noose and smiles!!!  As a little kid that was terrifying as shit.  Hell, it's still scary when you think about it.

Tons of legendary kills, Jason getting flexed as fuck, really attractive main chick, the secondary chick ain't nothing to scoff at either, brief topless scene, spear gun to the eye, 80's clothing, Jason knocking a door right off the fucking hinges(!), zombie mom, desperate nerd begging for pussy, cheesy 3D effects...Part 3 is great.

I've seen it dozens of  times and I'll watch it dozens more before I retire to that great Camp Crystal Lake in the sky.  Highly recommended.

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