Saturday, November 5, 2011


A small town is invaded by spiders. Spiders bite people. People die. People fight back. Spiders die, but do all of them...? The End.

Fun movie, good for a one time watch, but being executive produced by Steven Spielberg and Amblin Entertainment I was expecting it to be a little more light-hearted and quirky, kinda like GREMLINS. Instead it's pretty straight-forward and the "funny" parts weren't very funny. Maybe that's the problem. Maybe they were trying to make it quirky and they just failed. Either way it's still a mildly entertaining watch. I especially enjoyed the spider boss fight at the end. That spider was fucking serious!

Spiders everywhere, a really fat John Goodman, female shoulder pads, some guy who looks like that guy from Weezer, that old lady from the David Lynch movies, spiderwebs. Better than KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS, but not as much fun as EIGHT LEGGED FREAKS.