Thursday, September 2, 2010


I liked this movie. It wasn't as good as say TREMORS, but it's a nice lighthearted comedy/giant spider movie that probably the entire family could enjoy. I say that cause even though there's a bunch of very large spiders killing people they also make weird cartoony noises that add a bit of comedy that I would imagine children would find funny.

The residents of a small desert mining town are poor as fuck and this evil land developer dude has been secretly dumping nuclear waste down an unused mine shaft. Next thing you know giant CGI spiders are crawling all over the place killing the shit out of people. That sounds gruesome, but like I said most of the violence is done in a cartoonish way.

Kari Wuhrer in tight jeans and tight t-shirt for the majority of the movie, quick pace, funny spiders, likeable characters, Scarlett Johansson in a towel. EIGHT LEGGED FREAKS is a fun movie that will keep you entertained...and sometimes that's all you want out of a movie.